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Vibe and Hype headphones for $6 to $7 with free S&H

If you are a fan of free shipping and nearly-disposable priced headphones, among the latest eBay Deals there is a sale on Vibe and Hype headphones with the price ranging from $6 to $7 per pair with free shipping even if you buy just one $6 headphone. On top of that, they have a promotion that gets you 10% off if you buy three or more. These are available in a lot of colors, so it may be handy if you want to color code them, eg purchasing for kids and grand kids, so they easily tell them apart. These are offered by eBay seller altatac (99.3%). Needless to say, don’t expect miracles in terms of audio quality at these prices!

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Hype DGL Group VSL-928 cube overhead headphones for $6 per pair

Groupon is back with another colorful basic set of self-described “cube-shaped overhead” headphones by Hype (DGL Group). It is Hype DGL Group VSL-928 cube overhead headphones, offered for $6 per pair, in 11 different bright colors. The model names are color-coded, for example, VS-928-ORG is orange, VS-928-GRN is green, VS-928-YEL is yellow, etc. They have an adjustable headband, 4 feet of cord, padded earcushions, and *gasp* a one year warranty.

The Gropuon offer expires by 8/31/13 at 1am ET. Shipping is $3 flat unless your order is $15 or more (then shipping is free). You can buy up to three for you, and an extra two as gifts. Three pairs get you free shipping. Delivery happens within 2.5 weeks of purchase, so don’t buy if you are in a hurry to get them this week. Free returns.

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Hype HY-980-BT One-Touch Bluetooth Headphones for $25 per pair

Another day, another new Groupon Goods headphones offer. Now we have the Hype HY-980-BT One-Touch Bluetooth Headphones offered for $25 with free shipping and free returns as well. These have Bluetooth 2.0, in new condition, with a one year warranty from the DGL Group. Let the price set expectations as to performance – in other words don’t expect this to be a cross between Bose and Sennheiser :)

The Groupon offer expires 8/18/13 by 1am ET. The usual Groupon Goods limits apply, up to three pairs for you and up to two additional to be sent as gifts. Delivery happens within 2.5 weeks, so if you are buying for a time-sensitive occasion, keep that in mind.

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Clearance on Hype on-ears and Vibe sport earbuds at some Staples B&M (YMMV)

At some Staples brick and mortar stores, the Hype on-ear headphones along with the Vibe sport earbuds are on clearance for as low as $8 for the Hype on-ears and $4 for the Vibe sport earbuds. As usual with brick and mortar store clearance, prices and availability will likely vary from store to store and region to region. YMMV.

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Hype Flat-Folding Stereo headphones with detachable cable for $20 per pair

We continue catching up with the latest Groupon specials. Now we have the Hype Flat-Cable Folding Stereo Headphones with detachable mic for $20 per pair. Free shipping and free returns. Four modest pastel type of color choices are available. They come with a one year warranty from the DGL Group. Despite their price, they have a detachable 4 inch flat cable. The mic is on the cables, so if you remove the cables, you also remove the microphone. Just don’t expect these to sound like Grados :)

The usual Groupon limits of 3+2, delivery within 2.5 weeks apply. The Groupon listing expires by 8/2/13 at 1am ET.

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[DEAD] Hype Gems Stereo Headphones for $20

This limited time promotion expired… If you are looking for a pair of fashion headphones to review + ridicule in the Head-Fi forums, Groupon is offering the Hype Gems Stereo Headphones for $20 with free S&H and returns. Choice of five colors. The usual limits of 3 + 2 and shipping 2.5 weeks after purchase. But unlike the Sedas, these have a 1-year manufacturer warranty :) The Groupon offer ends 6/21/13 at 1am eastern.

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