Veho No Proof No Glory NPNG Over-Ear headphones for $20

In the pictures, these look better than the prices. It is back to Groupon once again for the Veho No Proof No Glory NPNG Over-Ear headphones, model VEP-020-NPNG, offered for $20 with free shipping and free returns. There is no mention of warranty in the Groupon listings.

Per the specs, these have 50mm drivers, probably a typo in the 20-200 Hz frequency range (?), 32 ohm impedance, 116 +/-3 dB, anti-tangle cords, adjustable headband, and marketed as “High-performance bass response”.

This offer expires by 10/29/13 at 1am ET. Limit 3+2 as usual with a 12 business days delivery estimate.

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